RockTape Equine Taping Manual

RockTape Equine Taping Manual


Learn Kinesiology Taping for Horses!

The ultimate guide to equine kinesiology taping from the experts at RockTape - includes 107 pages and 200 images, covering taping techniques for both horse and rider. Includes:

  • Equine guidelines for tape application, management and removal

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Illustrated application instructions for over 50 conditions affecting all body parts

  • Case studies

  • Equestrian postural correction methods

  • Equestrian Power Taping for enhanced performance


It is important to note that some horses may behaviorally react to the RockTape, just as they would a nuisance fly on their skin. This is due to the horse’s highly evolved proprioception mechanism that is regulated and monitored from receptors located in the muscles, tendons and joints. Always position yourself in a safe place in relation to the horse when applying RockTape Equine. It is advisable to lunge the horse after the tape has been applied to determine the effect of the tape on the horse, prior to riding.

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Key Product Features 1
PowerTaping made easy; Step by step instruction manual with over 100 photos showing you both application and theory behind PowerTaping
Key Product Features 2
Foreword by Thomas Myers author of Anatomy Trains and Don Chu author of Jumping into Plyometrcis
Key Product Features 3
Written in an uncomplicated and easy to understand manner, PowerTaping is a perfect text for DCs, ATs, MTs, MDs, coaches or athletes
Key Product Features 4
This new version covers rehab, pregnancy and performance applications
Key Product Features 5
Developed and written by Dr. Steve Capobianco and Greg van den Dries
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Paperback Book