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Professional Discount Program

We offer discounts to licensed health professionals,  healthcare facilities, schools and educational institutions. Register here to enroll and receive clinician discounts on Theratape’s entire product line. These prices are comparable to ordering direct from the manufacturers, but you can save time and shipping costs by ordering all of your kinesiology taping supplies from one source. Our checkout is set up to accept purchase orders. Simply enter your PO number and complete the checkout process. After your business information has been verified, your order will be immediately processed and shipped. For your added convenience, we offer same day shipping on all orders placed by 1 pm central time.

Clinician Information

Dr. Kevin Jardine - Inventor of SpiderTech Tape Kinesiology Tape – A Crucial Part of Providing Top Level Care
Dr. Kevin Jardine, creator of SpiderTech kinesiology tape discusses the importance and therapeutic benefits of kinesiology taping in a clinical setting. He explains the mechanisms of sensorimotor stimulation and how kinesiology tape can alter the electrical signals through a combination of mechanotransduction and mechanodisruption, and ultimately affect neuroplasticity.
RockTape Performance Enhancement Study RockTape Pilot Study – Performance Enhancement in Cyclists
“The Clinical Efficacy of RockTape in a Performance Enhancing Application” In a randomized, clinical trial with a repeated measures design, 5 elite cyclists were tested on a 24 mile course with and without RockTape kinesiology tape. The tape was applied according to RockTape PowerTaping principles for the front and back performance chains. Improvements in time to complete the course ranged from 2-6%.
Moving Forward with Dr. Kenzo Kaze The Amazing Chiropractor Series – Moving Forward with Dr. Kenzo Kase
Originally published in the online version of The American Chiropractor on Jan. 24, 2011, this delightful article is based on an interview with Dr. Kenzo Kaze, inventor of Kinesio Tape and developer of the Kinesio Taping Method. Kase candidly shares not only the principles of Kinesio Taping, but a variety of his beliefs about health and medicine, in general.
Therapeutic Taping Method Article The Therapeutic Taping Method: Genuine Value-Added Therapy
Tracy Barnes, DC, discusses the benefits of kinesiology taping in chiropractic settings, from both clinical and business perspectives. As a billable procedure, therapeutic taping provides value-added benefits to patients as well as bottom line benefits to care providers. Easy to learn and incorporate, kinesiology taping is now used by 76% of chiropractors who provide rehabilitation.
Pediatric Kinesiology Taping Case Studies
From ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine, November 29, 2010. Written by a physical therapist and an occupational therapist from Texas Children’s Hospital, this article looks at 10 case studies involving kinesiology taping on infants and children with a variety of congenital disorders, neurological injuries and developmental delays.
Natural Running Taping for Core Stability in Natural RunningThis 3-page excerpt from RockTape’s PowerTaping Manual (2nd edition) explains how to tape to help retrain the core musculature in runners with muscle imbalances. RockTape is applied with additional stretch with the client in a functional posture. The tape will feel taut if the client begins falling out of the desired postural alignment. Includes taping instructions and photos.
SpiderTech Professional Product Description SpiderTech Professional Product Description
An 8-page introduction to kinesiology taping for clinicians. Topics include neuromuscular responses to pain, the effect of kinesiology taping on pain pathways, an overview of SpiderTech precut applications, and an introduction to general kinesiology taping methods. It concludes with a review of published clinical studies, including references.
SpiderTech FAQs SpiderTech FAQ’s for Health Care Practitioners
A 2-sided, full color document addressing common questions about precut kinesiology tape applications. It clearly and concisely addresses questions about the design of SpiderTech’s precut taping products, their clinical uses as well as basic application guidelines. Information is also provided about opportunities for certification and CEU’s.
SpiderTech Explained SpiderTech Explained – A Guide for Health Professionals
This 6-page document is for health professionals who are not yet utilizing kinesiology taping. This basic introduction to the concepts of kinesiology taping includes the properties of kinesiology tape, the benefits of kinesiology taping, three types of application techniques, and how kinesiology taping can become an effective adjunct therapy to other clinical modalities.
SpiderTech Gentle Flyer SpiderTech Gentle Flyer
This 2-sided flyer introduces SpiderTech Gentle, designed for individuals with sensitive skin, and made with the patented Stratagel adhesive.  The flyer explains the difference between regular and gentle adhesive, outlines basic product specifications and provides guidelines for selecting regular or gentle taping products based on an assessment of patient needs.

Billing Codes – Downloadable Document

Prepared by KT Tape, this valuable document provides a complete guide for insurance and Medicare code billing with kinesiology taping. It includes:

2019 ICD-9 Diagnostic Codes – that could justify medical necessity for strapping and taping
2019 CPT Strapping Codes – plus examples of kinesiology taping products applicable to each code
2019 CPT Procedure Codes – that can be applied to kinesiology tape applications
2019 HCPCS Codes – for reimbursement of kinesiology taping products

Continuing Professional Education Opportunities

In the last few years, kinesiology taping has moved rapidly from the fringes of accepted therapeutic protocols to a position as a mainstream therapeutic modality in hospitals, rehab centers, chiropractic practices and athletic therapy clinics. Not only has kinesiology taping become a billable therapeutic modality, but a number of continuing professional education programs are now accredited to offer CME credits.

KinesioTaping Courses Kinesio Tape Professional Education
Kinesio offers three levels of certification (KT1, KT2 and KT3) through the Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKPT) program. All official Kinesio Taping Method courses are approved for CEUs, PDUs and Contact Hours. Programs are offered throughout North America. Click here to go to Kinesio’s Seminar Calendar.
RockTape Professional Education
RockTape offers 2 different training programs – Fascial Movement Training Level 1 and Level 2 (for clinicians) and PowerTaping (for athletes). Both are based on the “all one fascia” concept popularized by Thomas Myers in his book, Anatomy Trains. The one-day Power Taping seminar is designed to assist you in learning how to functionally tape patients to improve their neuromuscular efficiency and performance via somatosensory stimulation.
Spider Tech SpiderTech Certification Courses
SpiderTech’s offers a variety of NeuroStructural Taping Technique educational opportunities through Collaborans, an educational company headed by Dr. Kevin Jardine, creator of SpiderTech precut kinesiology tape. In addition to classroom courses, Collaborans offers online education, webinars and other educational materials.
MOTUS Training by PerformTex PerformTex MOTUS Taping Certification
MOTUS stands for Myofascial Optimization Therapy Using Signaling. The MOTUS Kinesiology Taping  Therapy Course (MKTT)  is an extensive 14-hour ‘hands on’ course that stresses practical applications that are easy to understand and implemented easily into a clinical setting.


Patient Education

SpiderTech Product Guide SpiderTech Product Guide – Patient Education Flyer or Poster
This beautiful, 11″ x 17″ full-color flyer provides an overview of all 16 SpiderTech precut kinesiology tape applications. Each application has its own section with a color photograph, an outline of the application, and a list of conditions it can be applied for. Side 2 can be printed and mounted to make a patient education poster to use in treatment or education areas.