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RockTape H2O


RockTape H2O is the ultimate kinesiology tape for water sports. Designed to work in harsh environments to enhance performance and recovery, H2O has undergone rigorous testing in the wild waters of the Pacific and come out with flying... or should we say, swimming colors.

H2O is a great tape for surfers, swimmers, water polo players, triathletes, and other extreme sport participants. Because of the extra-sticky adhesive, it's not recommended for infants, geriatric use or individuals with sensitive or fragile skin. RockTape also has a tighter weave and greater elasticity than other kinesiology tapes, allowing it to provide enhanced support and greater snap back for injured , fatigued or working muscles.

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RockTape Product Specifications

Use For

97% cotton reinforced with 6/12 nylon for superior support

: Extra-strong, hypoallergenic, acrylic adhesive.

Adhesive pattern channels water/sweat away from tape and skin

180% elasticity (other kinesiotapes have 130-140%)

Produces greater "snap back" for enhanced muscle activation

2" x 16.4'

: Wear time up to 7 days

Stays on during intense, prolonged exercise, swimming, showering

Not recommended for hot tub or sauna

*Please read
Application Tips Page
carefully and follow

instructions to obtain maximum application time and durability.

Strained or pulled muscles

Tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis

Muscle stiffness and fatigue

Overuse injuries

Muscle spasms, cramps

Joint pain and swelling

Ligament / cartilage injuries


Recovery from surgery

RockTape Benefits

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Relieves pain from acute and chronic injuries, inflammatory health conditions or post-surgery

Increases lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and inflammation

Supports injured muscles and joints without restricting range of motion

Delays onset of fatigue during prolonged exercise

Increases blood flow to working muscles

Improves neuromuscular efficiency

Enhances muscle activation

Reduces muscle vibration

Accelerates removal of lactic acid

Improves endurance, strength and power

Tape Type
Uncut Rolls
Adhesive Type
H2O (wet conditions)
Package Qty
1 Unit
Special Features
Extra Strong Adhesive,Greater Elasticity
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