Rock On with New Rock Sauce

Check out the new RockSauce formulation at . Not only is it still a kick-butt pain-relieving liniment, but it can now be used as a skin prep before kinesiology taping as well. Lends new meaning to the term "warm up" ...

Here's the recipe:

1. Rub in RockSauce where you're going to tape.
2. Wipe skin with a cloth or paper towel.
3. Apply kinesiology tape.
4. Apply dime-sized dollops of RockSauce every 3" along the tape.
5. Rub into the tape and surrounding skin.
6. Experience that icy-hot Rock Sauce relief ... ahhhh!

Rock On with New Rock Sauce

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CrossLinq Small, Medium, OR...
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CrossLinq Small, Medium, OR Large Acupressure Tape Patches

$17.99 $18.50

This box Contains 20 Pages of Patches - Varies by per sheet.

CrossLinq Patches are easy peel-and-apply kinesiology tape precuts specially designed for use in relieving pressure in areas with bruising, lymph edema, and chronic pain or on acupuncture, acupressure, and trigger points. When applied to these areas, the grid pattern of the patches helps to lift and separate the skin and fascia and allow better drainage and flow of fluid to reduce pain and swelling.

CrossLinq patches come from the CureTape family of products, and are made up of the same fine, premium quality cotton backed with gentle and hypoallergenic but durable and waterproof medical adhesive that allows them to stay on comfortably for up to 7 days.

Strength Tape Precut Strips - Silver Grey
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StrengthTape Precut Strips

$15.99 $19.99

Supercharge your kinesiology taping with negative ions for greater pain relief and faster recovery. Pair that with the strongest adhesive in the industry and you\'ve got a tape that won\'t quit, even if you do! Each 16\' roll contains 20 tear-off 10 inch strips with 5-7 day wear time.

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StrengthTape Uncut Single Rolls - Silver Grey
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StrengthTape 16' Uncut Rolls

$15.99 $19.99

    • 10% greater elasticity provides additional support for injuries and snap-back for performance enhancement

    • proprietary, AllSport adhesive provides superior sticking power in all conditions, including water

    • when properly applied, most applications will provide pain relief, comfort and support for 3-7 days

    • each 16\' roll contains 20 precut 10" strips - enough tape for 10+ average applications

    • precut strips combine the ease of precut strips with the convenience of a roll. Just open a roll, tear off a strip and you\'re ready to tape - no cutting or measuring required.

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StrengthTape 2" x 115' Bulk Rolls - White
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StrengthTape Uncut Bulk Rolls

$79.99 $99.99

StrengthTape Uncut Bulk Rolls set a new standard for quality and value:

    • 115\' long - 10\' longer than industry standard

    • ion technology enhances pain relief and accelerates recovery

    • 10% greater elasticity provides extra support for injured or working muscles

    • extra strength adhesive lasts 5-7 days, through the toughest conditions

    • bulk roll savings of 25% over equivalent number of single rolls

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CureTape Cold Gel Topical Cooling Gel (150ml)


CureTape Cold Gel Pain Relieving Gel is an affordable and proven solution for pain from tense or injured muscles. Once applied to any sore or stiff muscles it provides a powerful cooling sensation that promotes circulation and relieves tension for hours. The main active ingredients are menthol and ethanol, but Cold Gel is special because of the Eucalyptus Globulus Oil and Glycerol in the gel. Eucalyptus Globulus is an stimulating, aromatic oil known for its cleansing properties and Glycerol is an organic byproduct of soap-making and has a powerful moisturizing effect.

Eacy tube of Cold Gel has a small opening for precise application that removes the need to apply the gel to your hands, simply apply it to the painful area and allow it to dry!

  • Small applicator tube chills the target area, not your hands

  • Less expensive than most comparable products

  • Active Menthol for long-lasting local pain relief

  • cooling sensation lasts for hours after application

  • Can be stored in the fridge for extra-strength relief

RockSauce Fire 12oz - 2550x2550 RockSauce Fire 12oz - 2550x2550
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RockSauce Fire Skin Prep and Pain Reliever

$31.50 $0.00

Say hello to hot! RockSauce is a topical pain relief cream that works by providing incredibly strong heating sensations that last for hours – with powerful ingredients like menthol and capsaicin that work together to soothe sore joints and muscles. Best of all, it can be used with RockTape – it soaks right through, without compromising stickiness – delivering pain relief in combination with the power of kinesiology tape. Available in 2 sizes:

    • 6% menthol - stronger than other topical analgesics

    • cooling sensation lasts for hours after application

    • store in the fridge for extra-strength relief

    • can be used as skin prep before taping or applied through tape without affecting adhesive

    • 3 oz Roll-On - keeps your hands clean and clear of the powerful active ingredients. Take it anywhere, apply it anytime with no mess and no hassle

    • 32 oz Pump Bottle - ideal for busy clinics, athletic trainers and other high volume users

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