StrengthTape by LifeStrength - Uncut Single Rolls - Beige

StrengthTape 16' Uncut Rolls


    • 10% greater elasticity provides additional support for injuries and snap-back for performance enhancement

    • proprietary, AllSport adhesive provides superior sticking power in all conditions, including water

    • when properly applied, most applications will provide pain relief, comfort and support for 3-7 days

    • each 16' roll contains 20 precut 10" strips - enough tape for 10+ average applications

    • precut strips combine the ease of precut strips with the convenience of a roll. Just open a roll, tear off a strip and you're ready to tape - no cutting or measuring required.


StrengthTape Uncut Rolls have ionic technology for greater relief from pain and inflammation and faster recovery from overuse or injury. With an extra-strong adhesive that keeps tape on 5-7 days, StrengthTape won't quit, even if you do! Each uncut roll is 2" wide x 16' long, providing enough tape for 10-12 average applications.

Tape Type
Uncut Rolls
2 inches (5 cm)
Adhesive Type
Strong (5-7 days)
16 feet (5m)
Package Qty
1 Unit
Special Features
Extra Strong Adhesive,Greater Elasticity
Amazon Item Type
Key Product Features 1
Each 16' uncut roll contains enough tape for 10+ applications. An extra strong acrylic adhesive allows applications to last 3-7 days in virtually any condition or climate, including water.
Key Product Features 2
Provides support and stability for injured muscles, joints, and tendons without limiting range of motion like regular athletic tape.
Key Product Features 3
Gentle lifting action of the tape promotes circulation for relief of pain and inflammation, plus enhanced endurance and faster recovery
Key Product Features 4
Anions or negative ions may help to reduce inflammation and pain related to oxidative stress which occurs with intense exercise, overuse and injuries.
Key Product Features 5
Anions may also boost athletic performance by enhancing the function of cell mitochondria, which produce the fuel that powers muscular contractions.
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Uncut Roll