Kinesio Taping for Water Polo Shoulder Injuries

Case Study Full Name: Treatment with Kinesio Taping on The Shoulder Injuries in Water Polo Players By: Dott. Ft Stefano Frassine, Dott Ft Michela Colombo   Hypothesis: Water polo payers with shoulder injuries using kinesio tape will exhibit lower pain and increased level of function without avoidance of overhead activities.   Study Design: pilot study   Methods: Ten water polo players with shoulder injury were evaluated before starting a rehabilitation program using kinesio tape. They were also evaluated after KT application, after the first training with KT, after 1 and 2- months rehabilitation program consisted on stretching, strengthening of the shoulder and scapular musle and kinesio taping. In evaluation we considered pain with VAS pain scale and the level of function with the Constant shoulder score.   Results: The athletes exhibited significantly lower pain and greater level of function and they were able to train and to play without activities modification or using anti-inflammatory.   Conclusion: These findings could indicate that kinesio taping method may contribuite in the rehabilitation of athletes’ injuries.

Kinesio Taping for Water Polo Shoulder Injuries

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