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Nasara QuickStrips - Precut Edema Strips


Edema Strips are a safe, comfortable way to reduce swelling and bruising. Simply apply this light, elastic tape over any swollen area and it immediately goes to work increasing lymphatic drainage. Also called fan strips because they are applied in a fan pattern over the area of swelling or bruising, many people simply call them magic strips because they work so well and so quickly. Select a size to completely cover the affected area

Customize your selection to fit your needs:

  1. Select strip length - 8" or 10"

  2. Select quantity - 15-pack or box of 50

  3. Select color - beige or black

*Not all option combinations are available. If you do not see your desired option in any dropdown list, try changing one or more of the previous options.

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Strip Type
Edema/Fan Strips
Number of Tails
2 inches (5 cm)
Tape Type
Precut Strips
Adhesive Type
Regular (3-5 days)
Body Part
General Use,Foot,Ankle,Calf,Knee,Thigh,Groin,Neck,Shoulder,Arm,Elbow,Wrist,Forearm
Special Features
Easy Application,Edema Relief
Key Product Features 1
Safely and comfortably relieve swelling and/or bruising from injuries, surgery, preg cy, lymphedema or congestive heart failure.
Key Product Features 2
Each box contains 50 precut edema strips. Each strip is 2” wide x 8” long and is precut into 5 individual tails.
Key Product Features 3
Each application can be worn 3-5 days and stays on through bathing, showering, swimming or sweating.
Key Product Features 4
No cutting required - all strips are precut with smooth, machine-cut edges and rounded corners to reduce fraying and curling
Key Product Features 5
Made from high quality cotton with a latex-free, acrylic adhesive that is safe for all skin types. Contains no medicinal or pharmaceutical ingredients.
Intended Use 1
Intended Use 2
Swollen Joints
Intended Use 3
Edema and Inflammation
Intended Use 4
Lymphatic Drainage
Intended Use 5
Bruises and Contusions
Subject Matter 1
Medical Supplies- Sporting Goods
Subject Matter 2
Pain Relief- Therapy Products
Subject Matter 3
Kinesiology Taping- Sports Taping
Subject Matter 4
Sports Tape- Athletic Tape
Subject Matter 5
Sports Injuries- Athletic Injuries
Ingredients 1
Soft, breathable cotton
Ingredients 2
Hypoallergenic, acrylic adhesive
Ingredients 3
No latex or medications
Sports injuries, arthritis, strains and sprains, joint pain, muscle pain
Skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying tape. After application, rub tape briskly to activate adhesive. Apply at least 1 hour before exercising, swimming or showering.
Unit Count
Unit Count Type