Genesis K-Motion Kinesiology Tape Precut Strips - Beige

Genesis K-Motion Precut Strips


K-Motion with Copper Infuzion™ is the only kinesiology tape with copper infused into the fabric for enhanced comfort and therapeutic benefits. Copper bracelets have been worn for centuries to relieve joint pain. Now with K-Motion kinesiology tape strips, you can have the benefits of copper anywhere you need it! Copper also has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which reduces skin irritation and helps K-Motion tape remain odor-free, even when worn for several days. Applied correctly, it provides pain relief, increased support and added stability for injured or weakened muscles, delays fatigue and can ease joint soreness. All without sacrificing your comfort or freedom of movement.

  • 20 ready-to-apply precut I-strips in a convenient lay flat package

  • Hybrid cotton/synthetic fabric stands up to any environment without breaking down

  • Proprietary, low-residue adhesive provides maximum adhesion with no mess

  • Provides up to 5 days of continuous support and drug free pain relief

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K-Motion Copper Infused Kinesiology Tape

You have probably heard that copper is beneficial to the body, but do you know why? Well, copper is essential for the normal function of many tissues and metabolic processes, and is indispensable in the regeneration of cells. The problem is, our bodies don't naturally produce copper. To get it into our bodies, we must either consume trace amounts in food or absorb it through our skin.

That's where Copper Infuzion™ comes in! By infusing K-Motion™ kinesiology tape with copper, it can be directly applied to the vulnerable and weakened areas of the body being treated by the tape. This enables the natural absorption of copper where it's needed most to help boost the healing process.

Here are just a few ways copper helps to heal, regenerate and keep us going strong:

  • Improves the well-being of your skin

  • Provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria

  • Promotes healing by inducing angiogenesis (the production of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones)

Strip Type
I Strips
Strip Length
10 inches (25cm)
Tape Type
Precut Strips
2 inches (5 cm)
Body Part
General Use,Ankle,Achilles,Calf,Shin,Knee,Thigh,Hamstring,Groin,Hip,Lower Back,Upper Back,Neck,Shoulder,Arm,Elbow,Forearm
Adhesive Type
Strong (5-7 days)
Package Qty
Box of 20
Special Features
Copper Infused
Key Product Features 1
The only copper-infused kinesiology tape. Instead of wearing a copper bracelet, now you can apply it anywhere on the body with K-Motion!
Key Product Features 2
Copper provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties for increased comfort and skin health as well as promoting more rapid healing.
Key Product Features 3
Synthetic / cotton hybrid fabric releases moisture quickly after showering or exercising
Key Product Features 4
Provides up to 5 days of continuous support and drug-free pain relief
Key Product Features 5
Each package contains 20 precut I-strips. Each strip is 2" x 10" - suitable for application on most areas of the body without requiring cutting
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Box of 20 I-Strips