Kindmax Precut Wrist Kinesiology Tape - Black

5-Pack Kindmax Precut Wrist Tape


Easy-to-apply kinesiology tape support for wrist pain. Can be applied to top or bottom of wrist. Great for:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sprained or strained wrist
  • Arthritis in wrist or hand
  • Tendinitis in wrist flexor or extensor muscles
  • Recovery after wrist surgery

* Contains 5 packages, each with 1 single-use application with a wear time of 3-5 days.

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The Kindmax Precut Wrist Support is a kinesiology tape application designed to relieve wrist pain and inflammation from injuries, degenerative conditions or overuse. It can be applied to the front or back of the wrist, making it effective for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained or strained wrist, tendinitis in flexor or extensor muscles and arthritis in the wrist or hand.

The tape has a base that is applied over the central wrist area, with 3 'fingers' extending onto the palm or back of the hand and two 'arms' extending up the forearm. This allows this versatile application to provide support to the flexor or extensor muscles of the forearm, the wrist joints and the affected structures in the hand. The elasticity of the tape allows it to provide support and pain relief without restricting range of motion as traditional wrist braces do This allows individuals with wrist injuries to continue their activities and/or participate in rehabilitation exercises as they heal.

The gentle, lifting action of the tape enhances circulation, relieves inflammation and relieves pain 24 hours a day for the entire time it is worn. Constructed of light, breathable cotton with a hypoallergenic adhesive, each Kindmax application can be worn 3-5 days, even through showering, swimming or intense exercise.

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Precut Applications
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Regular (3-5 days)
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