What is Power Taping for Athletic Performance?

power taping
The Power Taping technique involves applying tape to the entire chain of joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system components responsible for specific movement patterns. Kinesiology tape has numerous therapeutic uses, including rehabilitation after injury, edema control, postural correction, and relief of pregnancy-related issues. In contrast to these applications, which focus on therapeutic or corrective action, RockTape, a kinesiology tape manufacturer, developed a revolutionary technique called Power Taping which focuses on enhancing athletic performance by taping fascial connections along the kinetic chain. Often utilized by doctors, physical therapists, coaches, and trainers, the Power Taping technique assists in coordination and movement and helps athletes perform closer to their innate physiological potential. Power Taping is a breakthrough technique that helps athletes achieve peak performance, peak protection of body structures, and peak recovery from injuries. This technique aids athletes by helping to improve form and reduces fatigue through better blood flow, which are two most of the most critical aspects of increasing performance in almost any sport.

power taping handsTaping Movement Not Muscles

Unlike traditional kinesiology taping applications which isolates joints or muscle groups, RockTape’s Power Taping protocol involves applying tape to the entire chain of joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system components responsible for specific movement patterns. The Front Chain, for example, is responsible for the sprinting motions important to so many sports. Power Taping of the front performance chain begins on the front of each foot, running up the front of the legs to the hips. A second strip runs along the abdominal muscles, and a final strip is applied to the muscles along the front of the neck. The tape is applied with the muscle groups in a maximally stretched position, simulating the movement associated with the sport. RockTape, like other kinesiology tapes, uses a biomechanical lifting mechanism to lift the skin away from the soft tissue and promote blood flow. This sends more oxygenated blood to the area, maximizing the nourishment of overtaxed muscles, joints, and other body structures. Additionally, it accelerates removal of lactic acid from muscles, promoting recovery, and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, effectively reducing swelling and edema. In addition, it interacts with sensory-neural pathways, providing additional stimuli to fatigued or weakened muscles. When athletes fatigue, they lose form. When form deteriorates, athletes slow down.

power taping shoulderWhat Makes RockTape Different?

Not only is RockTape’s taping method unique, but their kinesiology tape has been developed with the athlete in mind. RockTape is created with a tighter weave and a stronger adhesive, with an increased 180% elasticity (more than the traditional 130-150% of competitor kinesiology tapes). RockTape was designed for greater versatility than traditional kinesiology and athletic tapes. When applied according to Power Taping principles, RockTape’s technique:
  • increases endurance
  • activates muscles
  • provides stronger, more efficient movement of related muscle groups
  • significantly decreases recovery time
When these benefits are added to Rock Tape’s bio-mechanically supportive, therapeutic, and healing properties, it becomes a potent weapon in the arsenal of the serious athlete by enhancing performance, preventing injury, as well as aiding and speeding recovery from those injuries that are unavoidable. Want to learn more about RockTape’s Power Taping Technique? Check out the educational links below: The Clinical Efficacy of RockTape in a Performance Enhancing Application (PDF) Read more about the principles and techniques of PowerTaping in RockTape’s PowerTaping Manual.

Power Taping Videos

RockTape PowerTaping for Athletic Performance http://youtu.be/lso09rHJXBs RockTape Performance Quad Kinesiology Taping http://youtu.be/NBCOeIDQWr4 RockTape Kinesiology Taping for Cross Fit http://youtu.be/BSxaf2u_c_8?list=UUyMjIZFy7BhfkSrzDnRLZOA Stay up to date with the latest from Theratape, the kinesiology tape experts! Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Pin us on Pinterest!

What is Power Taping for Athletic Performance?

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