Kinesio Taping for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Case Study Full Name: Children with Cerebral Palsy Improve Sitting with Kinesio Taping By: Özge Özkaya, PhD   Summary: For the study, researchers randomly divided the children into three groups and employed NDT to all of the children four times a week for four weeks. Children in the first group (control group) did not receive any other therapy, while children in the second group received KT, and children in the third group received NMES. The team then analyzed the sitting ability of the children using the gross motor function measure (GMFM) as well as their kyphosis levels. The authors found that sitting ability and kyphosis improved in all children. The improvement was more prominent in both the KT and NMES groups compared to the control group. The NMES group showed the best improvement. 1/2 Researchers concluded that KT or NMES application for four weeks in addition to NDT can effectively improve sitting ability and kyphosis in children with cerebral palsy, and that NMES is more effective than KT. According to the team, future studies should focus on the combination of KT and NMES with different rehabilitation modalities in different groups of children with cerebral palsy

Kinesio Taping for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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KT Tape Cotton Grip Tape For Abrasion Control


KT Tape Original Cotton Grip Tape for abrasion control is KT Tape\'s solution for the sores and blisters that come with using the *Hookgrip lifting technique. Each roll has been precut into 40 strips, each of which is 5 inches long and 2 inches wide (12.7 cm X 5 cm). This unique size is specially designed to wrap around fingers and thumbs to add a layer of protection where you need it most, and the strong adhesive will make sure that your tape stays on through blood, sweat, and tears!

    • Strong adhesive designed to withstand intense workouts

    • Protects thumbs from blistering and abrasion

    • Enhances grip during heavy barbell, kettlebell, crossfit, and Olympic lifting

    • Approved for competetive lifting (unless fingertips are covered)

    • Highest available strip count (40 Strips per roll).

    • 2" (5cm) width works for all thumbs

    • Strips are precut and tear off to save you time and effort

    • Latex-Free 

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CureTape Punch 2" X 16" Single Rolls

$13.50 $14.99

CureTape Punch comes in standard size 2 inch X 16.5 foot rolls. While it uses the same premium quality cotton and gentle but powerful adhesive as Classic CureTape, CureTape Punch has alternating rows of 2 and 3 holes punched into the tape, which gives it some qualities that are unique among kinesiology tapes.

The punches allow the tape to stretch along the height and the width, and allows the tape to apply pressure 3-dimensionally. This means that the tape provides increased stimulus and stretches skin and fascia due to the variations in pressure and stretch created by the openings, which has an increased effect on neurolymphatic and endorphine analgesic systems in the areas where it is applied. The openings also allow for greater ventilation of the skin, and allows the tape to dry more quickly after getting wet. 

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Vetkin Veterinary Tape 2.4" X 16' Uncut Roll

$16.99 $17.50

Unlike many other tapes who simply increase the amount of adhesive or package it differently, the creators of Vetkin worked cooperatively with veterinary institutes, olympic teams, ISELP, and the Equine and Canine Institutes to develop a tape specifically for veterinary applications. While it uses the same high quality cotton material base as CureTape, it undergoes a specialized drying process when combined with the adhesive to create a tape that has 35% stronger adhesion, but is easier to remove from the coat than traditional CureTape. It comes in a 2.4 inch (6cm) wide and 16.5 foot long roll which means you get 20% more tape per roll than a traditional 2 inch (5cm) wide roll for about 12 applications per roll.

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KT Tape Original Cotton Uncut Rolls

$10.97 $12.99

KT Tape original cotton products are made with a light adhesive suitable for individuals participating in light exercise or exercise therapy. Those participating in heavy exercise should consider KT Tape Pro, which has a stronger adhesive.

    • 2" x 16\' (5cm x 5m) roll - enough for 8-12 applications

    • ultra-soft cotton for added comfort

    • light-weight adhesive lasts up to 3 days

    • dispenser box for easy access

    • includes Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries

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KT Tape Pro Uncut Single Roll

$16.99 $19.99

For those who prefer to cut their own kinesiology tape applications, KT Tape Pro is now available in uncut rolls. Each 16\' (5m)standard  roll can make 8-12 typical applications.With its hard plastic carrying case, it\'s the perfect item to keep in a gym bag or first aid kit.

KT TAPE PRO is the world\'s only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, and was recently re-engineered with a stronger adhesive, to allow it to work in wet conditions and/or intense exercise.

    • Synthetic microfiber fabric for durability and comfort

    • UltraLite elastic core for enhanced support

    • Latex-free for sensitive skin

    • SecondSkin Adhesive lasts up to 7 days

    • Comes with protective travel case, sticker and quick start guide

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KT Tape Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball

$40.99 $44.99

KT Tape\'s KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball is like having your own personal, portable trauma kit. Whether you prefer heat therapy, cold therapy or need to alternate, Ice/Heat has you covered.

The versatile, interchangeable balls are a key component in the system allowing you to choose to massage as is, with ice, or with heat.

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CureTape Giant Kinesiology Tape Rolls - Asst Colors

$79.99 $88.99

CureTape is the number one professional tape in Europe, and is widely used by professionals worldwide. Developed with the aid of health professionals specially for use in the Medical Taping Concept style of taping, CureTape is backed by nearly 20 years of intensive research, practice, and development. This thorough process has lead to the development of a high quality cotton tape with an excellent adhesive that is perfect for therapeutic taping applications. 

CureTape is comprised of breathable, quick-drying premium grade cotton in a specialized weave that provides a stretch identical to human skin which makes it comfortable for the entire time it\'s worn. The heat-activated acryllic adhesive is gentle on the skin, but powerful enough to stay attached continuously for 3-5 days without peeling off. CureTape Giant Rolls are 2 inches wide and 103 feet (5cm x 31.5m) long, enough tape for nearly 70 standard applications.

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PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape



PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape is the first tape developed specifically for children and infants. It features a gentle "easy off" adhesive that removes easily and won\'t irritate sensitive skin, yet is strong enough to handle the wear and tear of active little people. With it\'s soft cotton fabric covered with monkeys and flowers, "Monkey Tape" will quickly become a favorite with all small patients. Perform Tex Pediatric Tape can also be used by young-at-heart individuals or monkey lovers with sensitive skin!

Great for abdominal support, toe clawing, supination/pronation issues, improvement of oral motor skills, swallowing and feeding disorders, scoliosis, postural support and cerebral palsy conditions, just to name a few. The only limit is your imagination.

  • 100% cotton, with no medications and no latex
  • gentle, "easy off" adhesive for no-ouch removal
  • stays on through bathing, swimming and playing
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KT Tape Pro Extreme Single Roll - 20 Precut Strips


KT Tape Pro Extreme is the toughest, stickiest kinesiology tape in the entire KT Tape product line. Pro Extreme\'s extra-strength adhesive was formulated to deal with kinesiology taping\'s worst enemies - high heat, high humidity, wet conditions, oily skin, or any combination thereof.

    • 100% synthetic microfiber tape with reflective pattern

    • ultra-strong adhesive lasts up to 7 days

    • hard plastic carrying case protects your tape

    • convenient, precut "I" strips - no scissors needed

    • latex and zinc-free

Each roll contains 20 precut 10" strips of KT Tape Pro Extreme kinesiology tape and includes a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries.

RockTape Edge - 20 Strip Roll and RockSauce

  • RockTape IS THE WORLD\'S BEST KINESIOLOGY TAPE - Use to treat sports & non-sports injuries: Ankle Sprain, Groin Pull, Hamstring Strain, Knee Injury, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner’s Knee, Back Pain and various Muscle & Joint pain
  • 180% Elasticity - Stretching is Good. Kinesiology Tape with 180% elasticity allows athletes fuller and better range of motion. Our competitors only offer a 130-150% stretch
  • Easy To Use 10" Pre-Cut Strips: Water Resistant + Ultra-Strong and Sticky Hypoallergenic Adhesive, Latex & Zinc Free - For Harsh & Wet Conditions use H2O adhesive.
  • RockTape Edge is kinesiology tape perfected. Features our strongest adhesive combined with moisture management technology for pain relief that just won\'t quit
  • Step-By-Step Instructions on RockTape\'s YouTube Channel provides instructions on taping body pain points, and relieving pressure off injuries

RockTape Edge contains the world\'s best kinesiology tape, designed stretchier and stickier than competitive tapes.

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KT Tape Pro Extreme Jumbo Roll - 150 Precut Strips

$79.99 $95.99

KT Tape Pro Extreme is the toughest, stickiest kinesiology tape in the entire KT Tape product line. Pro Extreme\'s extra-strength adhesive was formulated to deal with kinesiology taping\'s worst enemies - high heat, high humidity, wet conditions, oily skin, or any combination thereof.

    • 100% synthetic microfiber tape with reflective pattern

    • ultra-strong adhesive lasts up to 7 days

    • extra large jumbo roll with 150 precut 10" strips

    • no scissors needed - just tear off strips and apply

    • latex and zinc-free

Each roll contains 150 precut 10" strips of KT Tape Pro Extreme kinesiology tape and includes a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries.

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RockTape 2" Bulk Rolls

$153.00 $128.00

ROCKTAPE is a premium kinesiology tape with a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than industry standard. A tighter weave means enhanced support for working muscles and joints. Extra elasticity promotes "snap back," helping muscles contract and relax more efficiently. And Rock Tape\'s stronger adhesive allows it to stay on longer, even under the toughest conditions. This makes it an ideal athletic tape for high performance athletes and those competing in extreme sports.

Bulk rolls are an economical solution for those who tape a lot.  At 2" wide x 105\' long, a RockTape Bulk Roll is equivalent to 6.5 regular rolls. Each roll comes conveniently packaged in its own dispenser box, making it easy to cut just the amount of tape you need. Includes poster with instructions for a variety of injury and performance taping applications.

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GO Tape - 20 Precut Strips - Expired Rolls

$9.99 $14.99

Each 16 foot (5m) roll contains 20 tear-off strips. Each strip is 10" long unstretched, which is an ideal length for many kinesiology taping applications. Most common injury applications require only two strips of tape, making Go Tape Precut Strips both economical and convenient.

GO Tape is made from a high thread-count fabric with an advanced elastic core that increases the strength, durability and elasticity of the tape. The patented All-Performance™ acrylic adhesive produces wear-times of 5-7 days, equivalent to other "strong adhesive" k-tapes that cost much more.

    • each 5 meter (16\') roll contains 20 precut 10" strips - ready to tear off and apply

    • long-lasting adhesive stays on 5-7 days

    • shower, swim or sweat as much as you want - GO Tape keeps on going

    • high tensile elastic core for superior support without restricting movement

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KT Tape Gentle - 20 Precut Strips - Beige

$13.99 $14.99

KT Tape Gentle is designed for anyone with sensitive skin. Its lighter latex-free adhesive makes it less irritating to skin and easier to remove. It was created for use during light exercise or for non-exercisers wearing kinesiology tape for therapeutic purposes. It provides targeted pain relief and will stay in place for 1-3 days.

Precut strips are easy-to-apply and require no cutting. If you\'re new to taping, precut strips are a great way to start.

Each roll contains 20 precut 10" strips of natural cotton kinesiology tape and includes a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries.

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