KT Tape Pro Uncut Roll - Black

KT Tape Pro Uncut Single Roll


For those who prefer to cut their own kinesiology tape applications, KT Tape Pro is now available in uncut rolls. Each 16' (5m)standard  roll can make 8-12 typical applications.With its hard plastic carrying case, it's the perfect item to keep in a gym bag or first aid kit.

KT TAPE PRO is the world's only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, and was recently re-engineered with a stronger adhesive, to allow it to work in wet conditions and/or intense exercise.

    • Synthetic microfiber fabric for durability and comfort

    • UltraLite elastic core for enhanced support

    • Latex-free for sensitive skin

    • SecondSkin Adhesive lasts up to 7 days

    • Comes with protective travel case, sticker and quick start guide


KT Tape Pro 16' Synthetic Uncut Rolls

2 inches (5 cm)
Tape Type
Uncut Rolls
Adhesive Type
Regular (3-5 days)
KT Tape
16 feet (5m)
Package Qty
1 Unit
Special Features
Extra Strong Adhesive,Greater Elasticity
Package Type
Single Roll
Key Product Features 1
FOR SERIOUS ATHLETES – The most advanced kinesiology tape, made from 100% synthetic fabric to last far longer than other brands. Lightweight, latex free, comfortable, provides both support & mobility, and includes safety reflective print & carry case.
Key Product Features 2
STRONG ADHESIVE – Latest technology that sticks for days with effective skin preparation. Our synthetic, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric provides maximum water, sweat, and humidity resistance. And the precut rounded corners help avoid frays.
Key Product Features 3
EASY TO USE – Classic uncut roll of convenient tape for kinesiology applications. Easy to self-apply using our free application videos (see our site) for dozens of common injury areas. Contact us with any questions or for usage tips
Key Product Features 4
HOW IT WORKS – KT Tape helps reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain. Just ask one of our Pro or Olympic athletes who rely on KT Tape when pain is present and when championships are on the line.
Key Product Features 5
QUALITY GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence in our superior quality and impeccable customer service. Contact us directly if you have any issues, problems, or questions. We are here to help you overcome pain and obstacles as you reach for peak performance.
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Uncut Roll