Kinesiology Tape for Common Athletic Injuries

Li Na at the Australian Open 2014
Li Na in SpiderTech tape at the Australian Open 2014 One of the many benefits of kinesiology tape is to provide structural support for weak or injured muscles or joints. While it’s not recommended for severe injuries because of its elasticity, it can be used effectively to prevent potentially harmful ranges of motion and to improve static or dynamic postures. The elasticity of kinesiology tape allows it to provide support to joints or muscles without restricting range of motion as traditional athletic tape does. The sensory feedback from kinesiology tape also discourages the injured muscles from engaging in harmful or inefficient compensatory movement patterns – all benefits that appeal to athletic individuals returning from an injury or those who are still looking to continue their training or fitness regimen as they recover. It’s no surprise that so many high profile athletes are wearing kinesiology tape and continuing to train and excel in their sport. This 3-Step taping protocol, developed by the makers of RockTape, outlines the kinesiology tape application process for applying tape for common athletic injuries: theratape decompression stripStep 1: Preload the muscles by placing the affected area into a position of maximal stretch. Take your time with this step – it puts the tissues into a condition to receive maximum benefit from the tape application. Active techniques could include dynamic stretching, yoga poses or myofacial release techniques (rollers, balls, etc.). Once the maximal stretch has been achieved, this position should be held throughout the taping. Step 2: Apply one or more “decompression” strips directly over the most painful areas. This technique involves applying a fully stretched (except for the ends) strip horizontally across the affected muscle group. For large areas, several strips can be applied. The lifting action on the skin will provide pain relief and enhance local circulation to reduce inflammation and keep the tissues well-oxygenated. theratape stabilization finalStep 3: Apply “stabilization” strips around the perimeter of the affected area. This is a good place to use Y-strips, with the base at the lower end of the muscle group and the tails running vertically around the outer boundaries of the muscles. This part of the taping will support the injured area, without restricting a normal, safe range of motion.         The following selection of videos demonstrate how to apply kinesiology tape for common athletic injuries: How to Apply Kinesiology Tape to Injured Joints and Muscles How to Tape an AC Injury with PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Hamstring Taping Instructions using StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape How to Tape a Calf Strain with Rock Tape Kinesiology Tape Learn more about the benefits of kinesiology tape by signing up for our Newsletter or connecting with on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Kinesiology Tape for Common Athletic Injuries

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Illustrated Kinesio Taping Manual


This manual covers the essentials of taping for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions. Its step-by-step approach to the Kinesio® Taping Method includes clear, hand-drawn illustrations indicating exactly how and where to apply Kinesio® Tex Tape. Anatomical drawings of the underlying structures help readers understand the intent of each taping. A 7-page introduction explains Kinesio Tape theory and basic techniques.

Illustrated KinesioTaping is directed toward individuals with a basic understanding of anatomy and medical terminology.

4th Edition
8.5" x 11" softcover
Spiral bound, 107 pages

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Kinesio Taping for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling Manual


Although focused on Kinesio Taping for lymphedema and severe swelling, this manual also covers basic taping techniques for common injuries. The most recently-published manual, it is beautifully illustrated, with simple, step-by-step, full color instructions.

This manual is recommended for individuals with a good understanding of anatomy and medical terminology or experienced professionals who have been trained in the Kinesio® Taping Method.

8.5" x 11" softcover, spiral bound
172 pages with color photos

Chapter List
1. Understanding Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling
2. Fundamentals of Kinesio Tex Taping
3. Kinesio Taping for Acute Localized Swelling
4. Kinesio Taping of the Deep Lymphatic Pathways for Chronic Swelling
5. Kinesiio Taping of the Collector Lymphatics for Acute or Chronic Swelling
6. Kinesio Taping of the Superficial Lymphatic Pathways for Chronic Swelling
7. Kinesio Taping for Pitting Oedema, Indurated Tissue, Scar Tissue and Chronic Venous Conditions

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Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method, 3rd Ed


Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method is a detailed, technical manual, written for medical practitioners and individuals with an extensive understanding of anatomy and medical terminology. The 3rd edition, published in 2013, is a significant upgrade with 30 additional pages of KinesioTaping instructions and full color photographs replacing the old black and white images .

This is an official Kinesio Taping Method manual, based on over 30 years of clinical research, application and useage, including nearly 500 studies from more than 25 countries showing positive clinical outcomes.

The most comprehensive and up to date of all the KinesioTaping manuals, Clinical Therapeutic Applications opens by explaining the rationale and methodology for 7 different corrective taping techniques. This is followed by detailed KinesioTaping instructions with step-by-step color photographs for a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions. The table of contents is organized by body part, making it easy to quickly find taping directions for specific injuries or health conditions.

3rd Edition
8.5" x 11" softcover, spiral bound
274 Pages

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RockSauce Fire Skin Prep and Pain Reliever

$43.00 $44.99

Say hello to hot! RockSauce is a topical pain relief cream that works by providing incredibly strong heating sensations that last for hours – with powerful ingredients like menthol and capsaicin that work together to soothe sore joints and muscles. Best of all, it can be used with RockTape – it soaks right through, without compromising stickiness – delivering pain relief in combination with the power of kinesiology tape. Available in 2 sizes:

    • 6% menthol - stronger than other topical analgesics

    • cooling sensation lasts for hours after application

    • store in the fridge for extra-strength relief

    • can be used as skin prep before taping or applied through tape without affecting adhesive

    • 3 oz Roll-On - keeps your hands clean and clear of the powerful active ingredients. Take it anywhere, apply it anytime with no mess and no hassle

    • 32 oz Pump Bottle - ideal for busy clinics, athletic trainers and other high volume users

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Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Foot & Ankle


This DVD provides an overview of Kinesio Taping® applications for foot and ankle pain, injuries and dysfunction, including soft tissue and/or biomechanical issues. The complexity of the foot and ankle structures are simplified to provide the viewer with basic Kinesio Taping skills when addressing common, everyday lower limb issues.

This DVD is part of the Kinesio Clinical Video Series, a collection of 10 training videos to help health professionals learn more about incorporating Kinesio Taping into their specialties. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long and features specialists in the topic presented.

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Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Scar & Edema


Recovery from wounds after injuries or surgery can be complicated by swelling and the development of scar tissue. Kinesio Taping post-wound can enhance lymphatic flow to decrease swelling, leading to pain relief and increased rehabilitation potential. Management of scars is often overlooked when treating pain, swelling, decreased range of motion, contractures, and cosmetic appearance of the skin. Scar tissue can significantly disrupt how our bodies function. Using Kinesio® Tex Tape is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways of treating scars. Its unique elastic qualities not only assist scars to mature, allowing the collagen to become more parallel, but it can also assist scars to release adhesions. Both new and old scars can be treated with Kinesio Tape with changes noted as early as 24 hours in mobility, adhesion and color. Scar management with Kinesio Tex Tape is gentle with quick and significant results.

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Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Sports Medicine


This DVD provides Kinesio Taping instructions for health professionals treating injuried athletes. Some of the best known uses of Kinesio Taping® are in the sports medicine field. Kinesio Taping can be utilized during all phases of sports injuries, including acute, sub-acute, chronic and rehabilitation. Relief of pain and swelling plus support and activation for injured or weakened muscles can allow patients to participate more fully in rehab and accelerate the recovery process.

This DVD is part of the Kinesio Clinical Video Series, a collection of 10 training videos to help health professionals learn more about incorporating Kinesio Taping into their specialties. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long and features specialists in the topic presented.

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Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Women's Health


As patients and as athletes, women may experience any of the injuries and issues common in an active population, as well as additional challenges specific to the female physiology and life cycle. Kinesio Taping® provides valuable assistance for medication-free support and pain relief during the pre and post natal stages of pregnancy and throughout the years, helping women to maintain an active lifestyle. This DVD focuses on Kinesio Taping applications for menstrual or pregnancy-related issues as well as health issues more common in women

This DVD is part of the Kinesio Clinical Video Series, a collection of 10 training videos to help health professionals learn more about incorporating Kinesio Taping into their specialties. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long and features specialists in the topic presented.

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Equi-Tape Classic 2" Equine Kinesiology Tape Roll


Equi-Tape® Classic is both consumer friendly and affordable and is used by backyard trail riders and equine health care professionals to aid in the rehabilitation of horses for all types of injuries. 

Easy to apply

All weather durability

Support full range of motion

For ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles

Excellent for swelling and edema 

Non-Invasive and effective

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KT Tape Pro - 20 Precut Strips

$16.99 $22.99

Need support that will endure your toughest workout? KT TAPE PRO is just what the trainer ordered. It will keep you pain free and supported exactly where you need it. KT TAPE PRO will stay in place through multiple demanding workouts for up to seven days. KT TAPE PRO will stick with you in the harshest conditions including daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool.

  • 100% synthetic microfiber tape with reflective pattern
  • ultra-strong SecondSkin adhesive lasts up to 7 days
  • hard plastic carrying case with twist on lid
  • convenient, precut "I" strips - no scissors needed
  • latex and zinc-free
  • 10 brilliant colors to mix and match

Each roll contains 20 precut 10" strips of synthetic kinesiology tape and includes a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries.

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KT Tape Original Cotton - 20 Precut Strips

$11.97 $12.99

KT Tape Original Cotton is designed for use during light exercise or for non-exercisers wearing kinesiology tape for therapeutic purposes. It\'s lighter adhesive is easier on the skin and contains no latex. It provides targeted pain relief and will stay in place for up to 3 days, through daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool.

Precut strips are easy-to-apply and require no cutting. If you\'re new to taping, precut strips are a great way to start.

Each roll contains 20 precut 10" strips of synthetic kinesiology tape and includes a Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries.

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KT Tape Original Cotton Uncut Rolls

$10.97 $12.99

KT Tape original cotton products are made with a light adhesive suitable for individuals participating in light exercise or exercise therapy. Those participating in heavy exercise should consider KT Tape Pro, which has a stronger adhesive.

    • 2" x 16\' (5cm x 5m) roll - enough for 8-12 applications

    • ultra-soft cotton for added comfort

    • light-weight adhesive lasts up to 3 days

    • dispenser box for easy access

    • includes Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions for common injuries

PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Scissors


PerformTex Kinesiology Tape Scissors are super sleek and super sharp - the ideal combination for kinesiology taping. Constructed from premium grade stainless steel with florin-resin coating on the blades, these scissors will allow you to cut the narrowest strips and perfectly rounded corners without fraying or raveling.

Light weight and perfectly balanced, these are the scissors of choice of skilled kinesiology taping practitioners.

  • premium grade stainless steel construction with razor sharp blades

  • florin resin coated blades to prevent adhesive build up

  • perfectly balanced for precision cutting

  • protective carrying case included

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PerformLift Adhesive and Tape Remover


PerformLift Tape and Adhesive Remover takes the \'ouch\' out of removing your tape. The gentle formula and environmentally-friendly ingredients help maintain skin\'s natural pH balance, reducing drying and irritation. Highly recommended for tape removal on sensitive or fragile skin.

Directions for Use:
Holding can 3-4" from skin, spray taped area until saturated. Rub PerformLift into tape and wait 1-2 minutes, then gently remove tape from skin and wipe with a paper towel. Any residual adhesive can be easily removed with a small additional amount of PerformLift.

Use only as directed. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, open wounds, abrasions and mucous membranes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Keep out of reach of children. If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a physician.

For optimum taping results, use the entire PerformTex Taping System:
PerformPrep Skin Cleaner
PerformStik Tape Adherent
PerformLift Adhesive Remover

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Kindmax Precut Foot Tape

$4.49 $6.99

Easy-to-apply kinesiology tape support for foot and arch pain. Illustrated step by step instructions in every package. Great for:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arch pain, fallen arches
  • Tendinitis or arthritis in the foot
  • Swollen, aching or tired feet
  • Recovery after foot surgery

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Genesis Pure Pad Bowling Ball Wipe Pad


Make a pure shot every time with this premium ball wipe pad. Made of durable all natural genuine buffalo leather, the heavy knap of the Pure Pad™ will effortlessly absorb dirt and oil better than any microfiber towel or shammy ever could. It\'s been specifically sized to fit in the palm of your hand, so right away you\'ll notice the texture and feel the difference in weight. Every time you use it, you\'ll be reminded that this isn\'t just another ordinary bowling towel.

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