Theratape Edema Strips Variety Pack

Theratape Edema Strips Variety Pack


Kinesiology tape edema strips are used to reduce swelling, edema, bruises and contusions. Also called fan cuts, these precut strips have several thin "tails" connected to a solid anchor end. The individual tails are positioned over an area of swelling with the anchor end in the vicinity of lymphatic drainage ducts. The tape gently lifts the skin, allowing fluid to drain away from the swollen area through the lymphatic system. This variety pak provides a selection of precut edema strips in assorted lengths and widths from 3 different manufacturers, allowing you to experiment to see which style is best for your condition. If you're not sure which brand or size is right for you, this is a great product to start with. Each pak contains:

  • Nasara 2" x 8" Edema Strips (3)

  • Nasara 2" x 10" Edema Strips (3)

  • Kinesio Tape 2" x 12" Fan Cuts (2)

  • RockTape 4" x 10" Edema Strip(2)

Strip Type
Edema/Fan Strips
Tape Type
Mixed Group
Package Qty
Pack of 10
Special Features
Edema Relief
Key Product Features 1
Variety pak contains 10 assorted kinesiology tape precut edema strips made by Kinesio Tape, RockTape and Nasara.
Key Product Features 2
Each pak contains: 3 Nasara 2" x 8" Edema Strips, 3 Nasara 2" x 10" Edema Strips, 2 Kinesio Tape 2" x 12" Fan Cuts and 2 RockTape 4" x 10" Edema Strip in assorted colors
Key Product Features 3
No cutting required - all strips are precut with smooth, machine-cut edges and rounded corners to reduce fraying and curling
Key Product Features 4
Tape is 100% cotton, latex free and water resistant. Remains in place through swimming, showering and sweating.
Key Product Features 5
Apply directly over area of concern to reduce bruising and relieve edema or lymphedma
Intended Use 1
Intended Use 2
relief from swelling
Intended Use 3
bruising and pain
Subject Matter 1
kinesiology tape
Subject Matter 2
kinesiology taping
Subject Matter 3
therapeutic tape
Ingredients 1
100 % cotton tape with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.
Edema, lymphedema, swelling, bruises, contusions, sports injuries, post-surgical swelling.
Apply to clean, unbroken skin following enclosed application instructions.
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Pack of 10 Asst Edema-Strips