How Kinesiology Tape is Being Used in Pediatric Care

pediatric kinesio tapeThough the most visible kinesiology tape users might be professional athletes, Olympians, or weekend warriors - a much smaller clientele is also proving the advantages of this unique treatment. With a special line designed for sensitive skin and playful prints and colors that will speak to the sticker and Band-Aid loving child, it’s not surprising that kinesiology tape is quickly becoming more than an athlete’s aid. While the uses and applications of kinesiology tape for pediatric treatment are growing daily, here is a quick run down of how kinesiology tape is being used in pediatric care today:   Pain and Swelling Relief – When kinesiology tape is applied to an injured or inflamed area, children can enjoy some relief without having to take pain medication or sit through icing and therapy treatments.   Orthopedic Treatment – Children often don’t understand the purpose behind rehabilitation exercises, so kinesiology tape provides an additional or alternative treatment for children with orthopedic injuries, weak or underdeveloped muscles, gait abnormalities, paralysis – even poor posture.   pediatric kinesiology tapeNeuromuscular Disorders – Kinesiology tape has proven effective to activate weak muscles and inhibit overactive muscles.  With a simple and safe taping application, children suffering from neuromuscular conditions like cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy could see improvements in symptoms and movement ability. It has also been shown to improve muscle tone in genetic disorders like Downs Syndrome and other conditions causing either spasticity, atrophy or poor muscle tone.   For children dealing with serious medical conditions, a colorful and painless treatment that can be worn for several days, even while playing and bathing, can make a big difference in their comfort level. kinesiology tape pediatricsInterested in learning more about pediatric kinesiology taping? Dr. Kenzo Kaze, the creator of Kinesio Tape, provides step by step guidelines for taping infants and children in his manual, Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics available at For a list of successful case studies where kinesiology tape has provided improvement for children, check out Theratape’s research compilation as well as this case report (pdf) from Novel Physiotherapies. Hopefully, as more and more case studies document positive results, the use of kinesiology tape in pediatric care will continue to expand and increase. Have you had success with kinesiology tape applications in pediatric patients? Let us know in the comments below.   Be sure to sign up for our Trends in Taping Newsletter. Theratape is also on Social Media. Find us on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

How Kinesiology Tape is Being Used in Pediatric Care

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