Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics to Improve Oral Motor Control

Case Study Full Name: Use of Kinesio Tape in Pediatrics to Improve Oral Motor Control By: Trish Martin, P.T. with Audrey Yasukawa   Background: Dr. Kase in the Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual has outlined taping techniques for TMJ pain. These include techniques for pain with chewing and difficulty opening the mouth due to pain. Children with neurological disorders, developmental delay and dysarthria often present with difficulty with mouth closure, resulting in increased drooling, poor articulation, and hypermobility in the TMJ.   Child 1: Asaymmetrial TMJ mobility; hypermobility joint was tapet Result: symmetrical jaw movement was observed   Child 2: Jaw stability for decreasing drooling Result: after 4 month improvement in mouth position and decrease drooling   Child 3: 4 Years old boy with cerebral palsy;Wiping of his mouth Result: drooling minimized and wiping of his mouth decreased for 90%   Child 4: 9 Years old girl with cerebral palsy; drooling and tongue lateralization Result: significant decreasing of drooling, was able to stear the tongue   Child 5: 4 Years old boy with developmental delay and tongue thrust Result: able to close the lips without tongue thrust for two minutes   In general, the use of Kinesio Taping to improve lip closure needs to be further explored. The mechanism of impact may be primarily sensory, or may involve facilitation of the orbicularis oris.

Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics to Improve Oral Motor Control

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