KT Tape Jumbo Edema Roll - Black

KT Tape Edema Strips - 83 Strip Jumbo Rolls


Edema strips are designed to decrease swelling and bruising by increasing lymphatic drainage. They can be used to relieve edema from:

  • acute injuries such as sprains, strains and contusions

  • post-surgical swelling and bruising

  • residual swelling from chronic injuries, arthritis, bursitis, etc.

  • lymphedema

Unlike compression wraps or garments that are restrictive and uncomfortable to wear, KT Tape Edema Strips are thin, stretchy and allow full range of movement. Instead of compressing tissue to squeeze out fluids, kinesiology tape gently lifts the skin, enhancing drainage through the lymphatic system. Made from KT Tape cotton with a light adhesive, applications can be worn for several days, providing therapeutic benefits the entire time they are worn.

KT Tape Edema Strips are 2" wide by 18" long - the longest edema strips available. Each strip has a 2" anchor (the end with the KT Tape logo) and five 16" tails.


KT Tape Edema Strips

Instructions for Clinicians

Apply anchor end over healthy tissue close to lymph node beds with the tails running proximal to medial tover the affected area. Stretch the skin and underlying muscles, while applying the tape with no stretch. 

Strip Length
18 inches (45cm)
Strip Type
Edema/Fan Strips
Jumbo Roll
Tape Type
Precut Strips
2 inches (5 cm)
Adhesive Type
Regular (3-5 days)
KT Tape
Package Qty
1 Unit
125 feet (38m)
Special Features
Easy Application,Edema Relief
CPSIA Cautionary Statements
no warning applicable
Safety Warning
Package Type
Bulk Roll
Key Product Features 1
Safe, comfortable treatment for swelling, bruising and edema
Key Product Features 2
125' jumbo roll contains 83 precut 18" edema strips that can be worn up to 3 days
Key Product Features 3
Each strip has a 2" anchor end and five 16" tails that are applied in a fan shape over the injured area
Key Product Features 4
KT Tape's unique Matrix Mesh is specially designed to provide 140% bilinear elasticity - the same as human skin
Key Product Features 5
Used by chiropractors, physical therapists, podiatrists and athletic trainers
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Roll of 83 Edema Strips