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  • Strip Length: 2.75 inches (7cm)
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Genesis Excel Performance Tape - Fitting & Protection Tape for Bowlers

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Excel Performance Tape is a multi-use kinesiology tape developed to assist bowlers with ball fitting, release speed and skin protection. Rather than being applied inside the holes of the bowling ball, Excel Performance Tape is applied directly to the thumb and fingers. The highly elastic synthetic fabric stretches and moves with your skin and the patented adhesive leaves no sticky residue. The 2.75" x 1" (7cm x .5cm) size is perfect for wrapping around fingers and thumbs, but is also great for toes, heels and other small areas of the body that need some extra protection.

Excel Performance Tapes provide you with superior protection against blisters, cuts and abrasions, and is available in five distinct styles. Ranging in texture, thickness and elasticity, these tapes give you a multitude of options to fine tune release speed, plus the ability to layer pieces for the perfect fit with less waste, and the power of kinesiology to increase blood flow and control swelling.

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