Life StrengthTape Precut Strips - Black

StrengthTape Precut Strips


Supercharge your kinesiology taping with negative ions for greater pain relief and faster recovery. Pair that with the strongest adhesive in the industry and you've got a tape that won't quit, even if you do! Each 16' roll contains 20 tear-off 10 inch strips with 5-7 day wear time.


Supercharge your kinesiology taping with negative ions. StrengthTape is made by Endevr, maker of the best selling power and balance bracelets now worn by millions around the globe. StrengthTape's power balance technology is created by infusing charged mineral and gemstone particles into kinesiology tape. These natural substances generate negative ions or anions, charged molecules that relieve stress and boost energy. These charged particles are easily absorbed through the skin, making StrengthTape a powerful conduit to introduce negative ions into the body. Negative ions multiply the benefits of kinesiology tape by increasing antioxidants which protect cells from free radical damage associated with overuse or injury. This can lead to greater pain relief and more rapid recovery after intense exercise or injuries.

    • 10% greater elasticity provides additional support for injuries and snap-back for performance enhancement

    • proprietary, AllSport adhesive provides superior sticking power in all conditions, including water

    • when properly applied, most applications will provide pain relief, comfort and support for 3-7 days

    • each 16' roll contains 20 precut 10" strips - enough tape for 10+ average applications

    • precut strips combine the ease of precut strips with the convenience of a roll. Just open a roll, tear off a strip and you're ready to tape - no cutting or measuring required.

How does StrengthTape's Negative Ion Technology Work?

LifeStrength Negative Ion Technology

Strip Length
10 inches (25cm)
Strip Type
I Strips
Tape Type
Precut Strips
2 inches (5 cm)
Adhesive Type
Strong (5-7 days)
16 feet (5m)
Package Qty
1 Unit
Special Features
Extra Strong Adhesive,Greater Elasticity
Amazon Item Type
Key Product Features 1
Each 16' roll contains 20 precut 10" strips - enough tape for 10+ applications. An extra strong acrylic adhesive allows most applications to last 3-7 days in virtually any condition or climate, including water.
Key Product Features 2
Provides support and stability for injured muscles, joints, and tendons without limiting range of motion like regular athletic tape.
Key Product Features 3
Gentle lifting action of the tape promotes circulation for relief of pain and inflammation, plus enhanced endurance and faster recovery
Key Product Features 4
Anions or negative ions may help to reduce inflammation and pain related to oxidative stress which occurs with intense exercise, overuse and injuries.
Key Product Features 5
Anions may also boost athletic performance by enhancing the function of cell mitochondria, which produce the fuel that powers muscular contractions.
Unit Count
Unit Count Type
Roll of 20 I-Strips