The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Peripheral Blood Flow

Case Study Full Name: Changes in the Volume of the Peripheral Blood Flow by Using Kinesio Taping® By: Kenzo Kase, D.C., and Tatsuyuki Hashimoto, Ph.D.   Purpose: For the treatment of injuries, increasing the amount of blood flow is one of the mechanisms in the healing process. This is a clinical study based on 9 subjects using a Doppler machine to measure the volume changes of the peripheral blood flow before and after applying Kinesio Taping® Methods.     Conclusions: Based on the results, applying Kinesio Tape® was effective in changing the volume of the peripheral blood flow for subjects that had physical disorders. The result of this research suggests that Kinesio Taping® causes the alternation of the blood flow. By applying Kinesio Taping® techniques, an immediate effect is seen since the blood flow has been changed immediately (within 10 min.) after taping. Probably more importantly, the result that we were able to gather from this study was that, since the Doppler indicated no major changes in the healthy subjects blood flow after taping, we can say with some confidence that Kinesio Taping® has no major adverse effects

The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Peripheral Blood Flow

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Edema strips are used to relieve swelling and bruising. Often called fan cuts, the distinctive "fingers" are spread out along the lymphatic channels to encourage drainage of fluid and blood that accumulates in an area after injury or surgery.

RockTape Precut Edema Strips are 10" long by 4" wide and have a 2" base with 5 individual fingers. Each box contains 20 individual edema applications that can be worn for 5-7 days. Pre-cut edema strips are machine cut with rounded corners, reducing the fraying and curling that can occur when tape is cut by hand. Application is quick and simple. Start by folding and tearing the backing along the cut lines and where the anchor end meets the fingers. Remove the backing from the anchor end and apply according to package directions. Apply the fingers, one at a time, over the swollen or bruised area.

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PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape


PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape is the first tape developed specifically for children and infants. It features a gentle "easy off" adhesive that removes easily and won\'t irritate sensitive skin, yet is strong enough to handle the wear and tear of active little people. With it\'s soft cotton fabric covered with monkeys and flowers, "Monkey Tape" will quickly become a favorite with all small patients. Perform Tex Pediatric Tape can also be used by young-at-heart individuals or monkey lovers with sensitive skin!

Great for abdominal support, toe clawing, supination/pronation issues, improvement of oral motor skills, swallowing and feeding disorders, scoliosis, postural support and cerebral palsy conditions, just to name a few. The only limit is your imagination.

  • 100% cotton, with no medications and no latex
  • gentle, "easy off" adhesive for no-ouch removal
  • stays on through bathing, swimming and playing
  • can be worn up to 5 days
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