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Turf Toe - KT Tape

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CureTape Medical Taping Concept Handbook With DVD


The MTC Handbook by sports and pediatric physiotherapist practitioner and lecturer Harry Pijnappel is a comprehensive manual that covers the theory and practical applications of the Muscular Taping Concept style of taping. MTC is derived from the original Asian methods of kinesiology taping, but has its own unique applications due to the methods that have been refined as medical research and practical knowledge in kinesiology taping methods has grown.

MTC focuses on stimulating regeneration and self-healing in muscles, joints, organs, and the neurological/circulatory systems without restricting freedom of movement in any way. This book begins with the overview of the principles of the Medical Taping Concept including how kinesiology taping works specifically to combat pain, itching, and swelling and continues to detail how it provides support to muscles and joints. There is a general section detailing common tape cuts and applications with their uses, but the majority of the book is dedicated to the in-depth illustrations and step-by-step instructions for specific applications from TMJ in the jaw to Hammer Toe in the foot. Also included is a DVD that provides even more instruction for applications to add to what is available in the book.

*This book is written to be easy to understand, but does include medical terminology that may be difficult for introductory users.

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Kinesio Clinical Video Series - Foot & Ankle


This DVD provides an overview of Kinesio Taping® applications for foot and ankle pain, injuries and dysfunction, including soft tissue and/or biomechanical issues. The complexity of the foot and ankle structures are simplified to provide the viewer with basic Kinesio Taping skills when addressing common, everyday lower limb issues.

This DVD is part of the Kinesio Clinical Video Series, a collection of 10 training videos to help health professionals learn more about incorporating Kinesio Taping into their specialties. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long and features specialists in the topic presented.

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PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape



PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape is the first tape developed specifically for children and infants. It features a gentle "easy off" adhesive that removes easily and won\'t irritate sensitive skin, yet is strong enough to handle the wear and tear of active little people. With it\'s soft cotton fabric covered with monkeys and flowers, "Monkey Tape" will quickly become a favorite with all small patients. Perform Tex Pediatric Tape can also be used by young-at-heart individuals or monkey lovers with sensitive skin!

Great for abdominal support, toe clawing, supination/pronation issues, improvement of oral motor skills, swallowing and feeding disorders, scoliosis, postural support and cerebral palsy conditions, just to name a few. The only limit is your imagination.

  • 100% cotton, with no medications and no latex
  • gentle, "easy off" adhesive for no-ouch removal
  • stays on through bathing, swimming and playing
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