The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Torticollis in Infants

Case Study Full Name: The Effects of Kinesio Taping Method in Treatment of Congenital Torticollis Case Studies By: Frances Powell, LPT   Case Study 01: - Patient: Female - Age: 02 months 06 day. The patient was referred to physical therapy for evaluation and treatment by pediatrician with a diagnosis of Torticollis and VSD. - Result: The patient present full passive rotation range of motion by third treatment session. The patient present full passive lateral flexion by the sixth treatment. The patient present active rotation toward right at the eighth treatment session.   Case study 02: - Patient: Male - Age: 04 months 05 days. The patient was referred to  physical therapy for evaluation and treatment by pediatrician with a diagnosis of  Congetial Torticollis. - Result: The patient was discharged from physical therapy at age 8 months 10 days. The patient demonstrated full range of motion bilaterally with neck rotation and lateral flexion. Symmetry of posture to include head control at midline and righting reactions was present in all motor patterns. No skull asymmetries were observed . The patient performed age appropriate gross and fine motor developmental skills.

The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Torticollis in Infants

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PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape



PerformTex Pediatric Kinesiology Tape is the first tape developed specifically for children and infants. It features a gentle "easy off" adhesive that removes easily and won\'t irritate sensitive skin, yet is strong enough to handle the wear and tear of active little people. With it\'s soft cotton fabric covered with monkeys and flowers, "Monkey Tape" will quickly become a favorite with all small patients. Perform Tex Pediatric Tape can also be used by young-at-heart individuals or monkey lovers with sensitive skin!

Great for abdominal support, toe clawing, supination/pronation issues, improvement of oral motor skills, swallowing and feeding disorders, scoliosis, postural support and cerebral palsy conditions, just to name a few. The only limit is your imagination.

  • 100% cotton, with no medications and no latex
  • gentle, "easy off" adhesive for no-ouch removal
  • stays on through bathing, swimming and playing
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Kinesio Tex Gold FP 1" Rolls (2-Pack)


Kinesio Tex Gold FP provides major advances in quality, comfort, grip, stimulation and adhesion. FP stands for FingerPrint Technology, the new, patented adhesive pattern that resembles the swirls on our fingertips. Combined with a higher quality cotton and upgraded weave process, this advanced KinesioTape offers greater comfort, longer wear and enhanced therapeutic benefits.

These narrower 1" wide rolls are ideal for infants and children or smaller body part such as the hand, foot, fingers, toes and face. Made from the new Kinesio Tex Gold FP Tape these rolls are 1 inch wide (half the width of standard 2" tape) and 16.4 feet long. This narrow width can be used to create lymphatic fan or web patterns with less cutting than regular tape, It can also be used for support or corrective applications on the hands, feet or face.

* Each box contains two rolls, 1" x 16.4\'.

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RockTape H2O Single Rolls

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RockTape H2O is the ultimate kinesiology tape for water sports. Designed to work in harsh environments to enhance performance and recovery, H2O has undergone rigorous testing in the wild waters of the Pacific and come out with flying... or should we say, swimming colors.

H2O is a great tape for surfers, swimmers, water polo players, triathletes, and other water sports. Because of the extra-sticky adhesive, it\'s not recommended for infants, geriatric use or individuals with sensitive or fragile skin. RockTape has a tighter weave and greater elasticity than other kinesiology tapes, allowing it to provide enhanced support for injured or working muscles. 

Each 16\' roll provides enough tape for 8-12 average applications, with a wear-time of 3-7 days. Every box includes a full-color, 2-sided poster showing instructions for a variety of therapeutic and performance-enhancing applications.

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RockTape 1" Rolls (2-Pack)

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Sorry, OUT OF STOCK and Discontinued by RockTape. Check out Vetkin or KinesioTex Gold FP for other 1" Wide options!

RockTape\'s 1" wide kinesiology tape is an integral part of any taping kit. Also referred to as finger tape, it is ideal for taping small areas like the hands, fingers, feet and toes. It can also be used to create X and Y configurations without the need to cut 2" tape down the middle. This means less fraying and longer-lasting applications, since all of the edges are machine-cut. This narrow width tape is also ideal for taping infants and children without having to cut regular tape into smaller strips.

RockTape 1" is used extensively by bowlers, volleyball players and other athletes whose hands and fingers take a beating. It\'s equally effective for conditions such as arthritis in the fingers, hands, feet and toes.

* Each pack contains 2 rolls of 1" x 16.4\' (2.5cm x 5m) kinesiology tape

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