Kinesio Taping for Motor Perception & Soccer Skills

Case Study Full Name: Effects of Kinesio and Traditional Tape on Motor Perception and Basic Soccer Skills By: Ming-Yao Lou - National Taiwan College of Physical Education   Summary: The finding indicated that kinesio–tape could enhance the sensitivity of motor perception to performance the small angle movement in knee, but the enhancement of variable error for the small angle movement caused by traditional-tape that affected the constrain of knee. Kinesio-tape had positive effect of knee in 39 degree that is a mechanical stationary state for the sensitivity of motor perception. The characteristics embody motor gross skill of distance kicking is simplex, both kinesio-tape with elastic and traditional-tape without elastic could increase the function of knee stability and knee extensor muscles for distance kicking(p<.05).

Kinesio Taping for Motor Perception & Soccer Skills

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