Kinesio Taping for Motor Perception & Soccer Skills

Case Study Full Name: Effects of Kinesio and Traditional Tape on Motor Perception and Basic Soccer Skills By: Ming-Yao Lou - National Taiwan College of Physical Education   Summary: The finding indicated that kinesio–tape could enhance the sensitivity of motor perception to performance the small angle movement in knee, but the enhancement of variable error for the small angle movement caused by traditional-tape that affected the constrain of knee. Kinesio-tape had positive effect of knee in 39 degree that is a mechanical stationary state for the sensitivity of motor perception. The characteristics embody motor gross skill of distance kicking is simplex, both kinesio-tape with elastic and traditional-tape without elastic could increase the function of knee stability and knee extensor muscles for distance kicking(p<.05).

Kinesio Taping for Motor Perception & Soccer Skills

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RockGuards Shin Protectors - V3

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RockGuards are durable shin protectors made with cushioned 5mm neoprene on the front and a lightweight mesh on the back. A 2" zipper at the bottom makes them easy on and off. Use them anywhere your shins may take a beating - CrossFit, mountain biking obstacle course racing, trail running, rope climbs, deadlifts, cleans, snatches and box jumps, just to name a few.

    • perforated neoprene on front allows breathability and release of water during OCR

    • 4-way-stretch lycra on back for less bulk and full flexion

    • 2" zipper for easy on and off

    • footstrap to keep them in place no matter what you do

    • RockGuards come as a pair

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RockTape Talons Workout Gloves

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Talons are the ultimate high-tech workout glove. They will protect your hands from blisters and tears, even during the most brutal workouts, but that\'s just where the benefits begin. Need to make a call during your workout? Talons are touch-screen friendly. Sweat running into your eyes? A microfiber patch on the thumb will take care of that. Need to chalk up? No worries, the synthetic palm is chalk-friendly, even when it\'s caked onto barbells and rigs. Struggling to make your muscle ups? Silicone beading on the palm will make sure you don\'t slip.

  • touch screen friendly

  • seamless palm construction

  • hook grip thumb protection

  • silicone beads on the palm for extra grip

  • microfiber sweat wipe patch

  • venter side walls on fingers

  • para-cord pull strap

  • work great with chalk

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RockWrist - Wrist Wraps by RockTape

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Are your WOD\'s getting the better of your wrists? Need a little extra wrist support for that last muscle up? RockWrists were designed to provide the perfect combination of elasticity and support for optimal comfort and performance. Designed by Jason Khalipa, RockWrists are competition grade wrist supports, made from tough polyester fabric with strings that won\'t break and elastic that won\'t turn brittle, no matter how sweat-soaked they become. The hook and loop fasteners allow you to cinch them to the perfect tension level for your workout.

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RockTape Assassins Knee Sleeves

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One of the most important components of lifting is maintaining knee stability. The heavier the lift, the more strain the knees and quadriceps undergo. If your knees hurt when you lift or you have trouble stabilizing them, RockTape\'s Assassins could become your new best workout buddy.

Assassins are designed to provide compression, warmth and lateral stability when performing functional movements such as dead lifts, pistols and squats. Unlike other supports, they are extra tall and designed to compress the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) at its insertion point above the patella (kneecap) to help ensure proper stability and tracking. Assassins also provide compression and warmth to promote blood flow to the knees and surround musculature.

Assassins are sold in pairs and come in 2 thicknesses (5mm and 7mm), 5 sizes (XS - XL)

  • SBR Neoprene front protection and 4-way stretch lycra side panels
  • Double Mauser Stitching - the latest in stitching technology, which greatly enhances durability
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