The Effect of Kinesio Taping for Sciatica in Pregnancy

Case Study Full Name: The Effect of Kinesiotaping Therapy in Sciatic Patients in Pregnancy Due To Lumbar Disc Herniation According to Mckenzie's extension Back Exercise By: Koh Doyle M.D.   Material & Method:  - Patients: 03 pregnancy women (02 months, 03 months, 04 months) at the age of 27, 25, 14 with back pain and unilateral leg pain symptom. - Diagnosis: 1) two cases: lumbar MRI was done. 2)All cases: SLRT was positibe before pragnancy - History: All patients complaint back pain and mild reg pain before pregnancy. But severe Sciatica was chief complaint after pregnancy. - Mckenzie's extension back exercise: Prone position; Back extension; Centralization/ peripheralization; 05 times a day; 10 minutes; They stopped exercise after 8 month-term pregnancy because they were difficult due to back extension position compressing large abdomen. Result:  - Three patients improved in sciatic symptoms after Mckenzie's extension back exercise for one month - All patients want Kinesiotaping therapy due to comfortable supportive sensation  

The Effect of Kinesio Taping for Sciatica in Pregnancy

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