Genesis Pure Pad Bowling Ball Wipe - Black

Genesis Pure Pad Bowling Ball Wipe Pad


Make a pure shot every time with this premium ball wipe pad. Made of durable all natural genuine buffalo leather, the heavy knap of the Pure Pad™ will effortlessly absorb dirt and oil better than any microfiber towel or shammy ever could. It's been specifically sized to fit in the palm of your hand, so right away you'll notice the texture and feel the difference in weight. Every time you use it, you'll be reminded that this isn't just another ordinary bowling towel.

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Pure Pad Care Instructions

If you begin to notice your Pure Pad™ is not as effective as it once was, then it's time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy task. Simply wash using some mild soap in warm to hot water, then gently agitate the surface with a brush. (Tip: Using water as hot as you can comfortably and safely handle helps to release extreme amounts of oil). Once done, rinse your pad thoroughly under warm water, wring out, then lay flat to dry. Once dry, you can use a bristle brush to bring the knap back to an "as new" state, if needed.

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1 Unit
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South Korea
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Single Item Packet
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Key Product Features 1
All Natural Buffalo Leather absorbs better than cotton, micro fiber or any other towel or shammy
Key Product Features 2
Washable with mild soap and hot water - reuse again and again
Key Product Features 3
Creates consistent ball reaction - Pure Pad™ gives you a clean, pure surface every time, so your ball can perform its best shot after shot
Key Product Features 4
Ergonomically sized to fit in the palm of your hand - no folding or fumbling trying to get a grip
Key Product Features 5
Its sheer mass practically does the work for you. At 3.1 oz, it's twice the weight of its closest competitor
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Ball Cleaning
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Leather Pad

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