Kinesiology Tape Brand Comparison

With the abundance of kinesiology tape available, it might be challenging determining which brand is the right fit for your needs. At Theratape, we understand how confusing it can be, so we’ve done some of the hard work for you. We carry the best brands, manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our brands are used in therapeutic settings and are preferred by athletes and trainers. We’ve created a quick reference guide to help you find the brand that’s best for you. Printable Chart
Kinesiology Tape Comparison Chart
Brand Single Rolls Bulk Rolls PreCut Options Sensitive Skin Option Average Wear Time Colors Price
KT Tape KTtape Length: 16’ Width: 2″ Length: 125’ Width: 2″ 10" Precuts along with Pro-X Patches and Recovery Patches for Swelling Products available in Regular, Extreme or Gentle Adhesive Regular Adhesive: 3-5 days Extreme Adhesive: 4-7 days 20+ solids, prints & Limited Editions $9 – $80
  • One of our best-selling brands
  • KT Jumbo rolls are 20' longer than most other brands and priced lower
  • Extreme adhesive is designed for wet, extreme conditions
  • The only brand with a Pro Synthetic option with stronger fabric for longer use
  • Certain Limited Editions available exclusively at Theratape
RockTape Rocktape Length: 16’ Width: 1″, 2″, 4″ Length: 105’ Width: 1″, 2″, 4″ 4” x 10” Edema Strips No Regular Adhesive: 3-5 days H2O Adhesive: 5-7 days 40+ solids & prints $18 – $240
  • Our best-selling brands
  • Each package contains a poster with a wide variety of application instructions
  • H2O adhesive is designed for wet, extreme conditions
  • Greater elasticity allows it to provide more snap back to assist working muscles
  • Used either therapeutically or to enhance sports performance. Preferred by many athletes in extreme sports, like CrossFit
StrengthTape Strengthtape Length: 16′ Width: 2″ Length: 115′ Width: 2″ 16’rolls of 10″ precut strips 6 individually packaged taping kits for different body parts No 5-7 days Strongest adhesive available 10 solid colors $7 – $80
  • Assists with pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Not recommended for those with sensitive skin
  • Extra sticky adhesive recommended for ultra-endurance events and extreme conditions
Kinesio Tape Kinesiotape Kinesio Tex Classic Length: 13’ Width: 2” Kinesio Tex FP Length: 16’ Width: 1″, 2″, 3″ Kinesio Tex Classic Length: 103’ Width: 16′, 2” Kinesio Tex FP Length: 103’’ Width: 1″, 2″, 3″ 6 different taping kits with precut strips of different sizes, appropriate for different body parts.Precut fan strips in 2” x 12” and 3” x 12” sizes No 3-5 days 5 solid colors $5 – $69
  • The original kinesiology tape company, started by Kenzo Kase
  • Standard single and bulk rolls are available in 5 colors and 2 types – Classic and FP (Fingerprint)
  • Each pack comes with a small application instruction insert
SpiderTech spidertape Length: 16’ Width: 2” Length: 103’ Width: 2″ 16 different precut applications for different body parts - X, Y and I PowerStrips - 1” x 6” I Strips - 2” x 8” X Strips - 2” x 8” Y Strips Entire product line available in regular or Gentle adhesive 3-5 days 4 solid colors $7 – $80
  • SpiderTech Precut applications are a great way to start for those with no taping experience
  • Preferred by some health professionals because they save time not having to cut and design applications
PerformTex Length: 16’ Width: 2” Length: 103’ Width: 2″ No PerformTex Pediatric Tape 3-5 days 6 solid colors + monkey pattern (Pediatric) $8-$50
  • Patented adhesive pattern is said to increase depth of penetration into fascial layers
  • Very good value for the money
Kindmax kindmax n/a n/a 8 unique precut applications for different body parts - Calf/Achilles - Elbow - Foot - Knee - Lower Back - Neck - Shoulder - Wrist No 3-5 days Black & beige $5.99
  • Excellent value compared to other precuts
  • Available exclusively from Theratape
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Kinesiology Tape Brand Comparison

Kinesio Tex Classic Bulk Rolls

Theratape Edema Strips Variety Pack

Theratape Edema Strips Variety Pack


KT Tape Gentle - 20 Precut Strips - Beige


KT Tape Cotton Grip Tape For Abrasion Control


KT Tape Cotton Jumbo Uncut Rolls


KT Tape Cotton Jumbo Rolls - 150 Precut Strips


KT Tape Original Cotton - 20 Precut Strips

KT Tape Cotton Uncut Roll - Pink KT Tape Cotton Uncut Roll - Pink

KT Tape Original Cotton Uncut Rolls

Kinesio Performance Plus Pink From Side Kinesio Performance Plus Pink From Side

Kinesio Tex Performance+ 2" Single Rolls