KT Tape Recovery+ Ice/Heat Compression Therapy System

KT Tape Recovery+ Ice/Heat Therapy System


KT Tape's KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Compression Therapy System is like having your own personal, portable trauma kit. Whether you prefer heat therapy, cold therapy or need to alternate, Ice/Heat has you covered. It contains:

  • 1 5" x 9" reusable heat pack

  • 1 5" x 9" reusable ice pack

  • 1 instant ice pack for emergencies

  • 1 adjustable wrap that fits any body part

  • 1 nylon carry bag

The versatile, adjustable wrap is a key component in the system. It keeps the ice/heat where you need it, so you can move freely during ice or heat therapy. The velcro fasteners allow you to apply as little or as much compression as you want, while the insulated pocket maintains optimal temperatures longer, allowing for more effective treatment.

KT Tape Ice-Heat Instructions

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KT Tape Recovery+ Ice/Heat Therapy System
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"For pain relief, stiffness, and swelling of muscles and joints","Adjustable for multi-area use.","Insulated pocket maintains optimal hot or cold temperature longer.","Ice Therapy - KT RECOVERY+ Ice Pack is a dedicated freezable gel pack that is reusable
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Complete system for both ice and heat therapy
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Includes reusable heat pack, reusable ice pack, instant ice pack, adjustable strap and carry bag
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Insulated pouch in strap helps maintain therapeutic temperature longer
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Adjustable strap can be configured for almost any part of the body
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Portable and allows for increased mobility and easier use before, during, or after physical activity
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Sports injuries, pain relief, therapy,
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