Kinesio Pro Scissors

Kinesio Pro Scissors with Holster


Kinesio® Pro Scissors have been specially engineered to be used in with Kinesio® Tex Tape or other brands of kinesiology tape.

Forged of high quality carbon stainless steel, Kinesio Pro scissors will remain razor sharp for years. These blades allow for precision cutting of the most intricate patterns, producing smooth edges and corners less likely to fray. A double florin-resin coating ensures that no adhesive residue transfers to the blades, ensuring that your first cut is as smooth as your last.

Included with each pair of Kinesio Pro Scissors is a Kinesio Pro Scissor Holster which can be either clipped to a waist band or looped through a belt, allowing you to keep your scissors with you at all times. Made of durable synthetic leather and reinforced with double-stitching, the holster will help keep your scissors protected, but at your fingertips when needed.

Kinesio Tape
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756 0005
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Pair of Scissors