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  • Strip Length: 5 inches (12.5cm)
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KT Tape Cotton Grip Tape For Abrasion Control

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KT Tape Original Cotton Grip Tape for abrasion control is KT Tape\'s solution for the sores and blisters that come with using the *Hookgrip lifting technique. Each roll has been precut into 40 strips, each of which is 5 inches long and 2 inches wide (12.7 cm X 5 cm). This unique size is specially designed to wrap around fingers and thumbs to add a layer of protection where you need it most, and the strong adhesive will make sure that your tape stays on through blood, sweat, and tears!

  • Strong adhesive designed to withstand intense workouts

  • Protects thumbs from blistering and abrasion

  • Enhances grip during heavy barbell, kettlebell, crossfit, and Olympic lifting

  • Approved for competetive lifting (unless fingertips are covered)

  • Highest available strip count (40 Strips per roll).

  • 2" (5cm) width works for all thumbs

  • Strips are precut and tear off to save you time and effort

  • Latex-Free

  • Includes an illustrated step-by-step guide for proper application 

* Hookgrip - a method of holding a barbell by gripping the thumb between the barbell and the fingers, increasing grip strength when performing heavy lifts.