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  • Strip Length: 5 inches (12.5cm)

KT Tape Cotton Grip Tape For Abrasion Control


KT Tape Original Cotton Grip Tape for abrasion control is KT Tape\'s solution for the sores and blisters that come with using the *Hookgrip lifting technique. Each roll has been precut into 40 strips, each of which is 5 inches long and 2 inches wide (12.7 cm X 5 cm). This unique size is specially designed to wrap around fingers and thumbs to add a layer of protection where you need it most, and the strong adhesive will make sure that your tape stays on through blood, sweat, and tears!

    • Strong adhesive designed to withstand intense workouts

    • Protects thumbs from blistering and abrasion

    • Enhances grip during heavy barbell, kettlebell, crossfit, and Olympic lifting

    • Approved for competetive lifting (unless fingertips are covered)

    • Highest available strip count (40 Strips per roll).

    • 2" (5cm) width works for all thumbs

    • Strips are precut and tear off to save you time and effort

    • Latex-Free 

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